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    The girdles are not new, they have been offering immediate solutions for years to shape the figure in women and men who want to look, feel and project themselves sure of hiding those kilos or centimeters that we have left in the most important areas of our silhouette.

    These garments allow us to enjoy a striking figure, quickly, comfortably and permanently because the variety of available girdles are adapted for every need.

    For us it is very important that you choose your ideal girdle without losing comfort in your daily activities or during your recovery post-partum / post cosmetic surgery, for this reason we invite you to carefully follow the instructions taking the measurement of your waist and defining your ideal size.

    If it is the first time that you use molding garments, we recommend to use the lowest level of fastening, in this way you will not feel discomfort when wearing it and you will be able to adjust it to your need.

    This is a very important topic, if it is the first time that you use molding gridles you should bear in mind that the level of compression you choose will be equivalent to the level of molding offered by the garment.

    In a low compression girdle the tension level will be slight, they are ideal for people who have not worn a control garment before, it allows them to shape their silhouette and stylize the figure slightly.

    In a medium compression they have a moderate fit and allow a more defined and toned silhouette, this type of girdle is the perfect ally to wear tighter garments as the curves will be more evident.

    In a high compression girdle you will find a perfectly defined silhouette, each body is different but the high compression girdles will highlight the best silhouette, making you feel striking, radiant and sensual, this variety of girdles are ideal for daily use or as a companion on special occasions where your curves will be your best argument.

    The high compression girdles are ideal to accompany the post surgical recovery because it contributes to obtain the expected results quickly.

    For those who include the girdle in our daily look is normal to wear it up to 12 hours a day, however, if it is the first time you use and you are thinking about your comfort, we recommend to use for a period of 4 hours, then 6 hours, and so on. Your body will adapt to a longer period of wearing without causing any discomfort.

    If you are facing a control garment for the first time, remember our advice, it is important to choose a low fastening level and preferably a low or medium control garment.

    We have a thousand reasons to say “Yes”, they are the best in the world but this time we will give you some of them :

    1. In recent years Colombia has become the leader of this market worldwide, standing out for offering innovative designs of high quality and latest technology.
    2. The Colombian gridles have presence in the 5 continents, are preferred by women and men from different countries thanks to their visible results.
    3. One of the secrets of our design is the waist molding and buttocks lift, women around the world value the results after wearing these garments totally discreet.
    4. Colombian gridles are well recognized by Latina women who love the curves, but over the years they have become the most sold in the US and are achieving high participation in countries such as Austria, Germany, Nigeria, Arab Emirates, India, France, Korea, among others.
    5. The Colombian girdles are designed for women with real bodies, little difference between one body and another because the control garments enhance the best curves of each woman with high quality materials and haute couture, giving the ideal compression for a perfect silhouette, natural enhancement and unsurpassed comfort.

    The control garments are ideal to wear in post-partums or after cesareans because they contribute to the reduction of the pain derived from partums and feeling of emptiness in the abdomen. It helps to correct the back posture and with its daily wear to return the figure to its normal shape.

    Don´t do it! One of our tips is to use the bag in which you receive the garment.

    After long wear your girdle can look like a new one, you just have to wash, dry, and put it inside the bag by 1 hour in your freezer. With this trick you will make the elastic fibers of the belt are strengthened more and by wearing it you will feel more compression.